When I (Chan) was about 8, I was already interested in music.  I don't know why, but I was just drawn to the beauty of it; My father bought me a piano at my tender age, and I started teaching myself how to play. At 23 year 

old, after finishing grad school as a computer engineer, I decided to leave my native land, Madagascar, and go to La Réunion island and was employed in an interesting job doing computer science.

         Circa. 2010 I met 2 guys, Pascal and Miko, who are purist audiophile enthusiasts. We spent a lot of time together and we learned a great deal from each other.  Then we decided to focus our spare time on studying audio signal paths with the goal of understanding how a cable can change the sound of an audio system. Three years were dedicated in the development of our first prototype power cable which gave fantastic results on non-high-end audio systems. Mid-2013 rolls in and I refocused my efforts on computer audio as a full-time venture; then decided to leave my regular employment to create what is now known as Pachanko brand of high-end cables.

         The Pachanko brand was derived from the acronym of Pascal, Chan and Miko.

We will continue to keep developing and improving the brand for years to come. 

          We are glad to share with you our great passion and love for music and let you discover our handcrafted products. We also thank all of our friends and family for their support. We hope you will love the "Pachanko" cables and share your experience in your surrounding. Should you have any further question, please email us.




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