Pachanko "Aphelion" SATA

Pachanko "Aphelion" SATA

599,00 €Prix

Sometimes you may ask that how can we do better than something that it is already perfect in your hears . Pachanko introduce you the SATA "Aphelion", the most important piece of your audio system that a lot of you are ignoring...


Pachanko "SATA Aphelion" Features:


- OCC multi stranded copper wire (Ohno Continuous Cast)

- Silver plated conductors

- Cryo treated

- Multi core wire with different size to cover the overall bandwith 

- Teflon coated

- Coton coated (From Madagascar)

- Mu Metal shielding

- Shielded connectors

- 100% Handcrafted

- Can be bent

- Compatible with all OS

- Lifetime warranty

- Free Worldwide shipping

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