Pachanko Audiophile "Reference Highend LPSU"

Pachanko Audiophile "Reference Highend LPSU"

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Word first class build LPSU, State of the art design, this LPSU is designed to deliver best and cleanest power source for your audio equipments (Server, Streamer, NAS...). Don't waste your time, you won't find better!


- 300VA Encapsulated O-Core transformer with silver-plated OCC copper wire coils

- Super low noise linear regulator boards

- Mundorf M-Lytic AG/Audio Note Kasei bi-polar caps (Over 154.000uF)

- Mundorf M-Cap Supreme silver oil film capacitor

- Furutech NCF AC inlet

- Silver-plated OCC copper internal hook-up wires

- 4-pin XLR female output

- Heavy duty Aluminium chassis with hand brushed copper base plate

- Aluminium footers

- Arround 14kg

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