Pachanko Audio Server "Constellation"

6 499,00 €Prix

- 100% Fanless design

- Fully customized Windows Server 2K19 OS

- RAMDisk OS

- Fully tweaked BIOS

- OCXO 10ppb with 24K gold circuit trace PCB Module:

▪ OCXO Ethernet


▪ Ultralow Jitter <1ps RMS


- Extreme Low Latency Server

- Intel Xeon CPU

- Aluminum Case

- SSD Storage for OS

- SSD Storage for Music (Optionnal)

- USB 3.0 PCM 32bit / 768kHz and DoP Native DSD

- Emi-Optimized Motherboard

- Shielded ECC RAM

- Pachanko Aphelion SATA cable

- Pachanko ATX cables


- No compromise external HighEnd LPSU design

▪ Fanless Aluminium chassis

▪ Copper top and base plate for damping vibrations

▪ 400VA O-core transformer with OCC Silver platted copper coils

▪ 500VA O-core transformer with Pure Silver coils for SE edition
▪ 1KVA Balanced isolation O-core transformer with Pure Silver coils for SE+ edition, DC Blocker module, soft start module) 

▪ Pachanko DC cables


Music Playback Options (User choice)

▪ Roon Server

▪ JPLAY Femto

▪ JRiver

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