Mancubus: "So... Chan did it again!

I'm happy user of Pachanko Reference and Pure Reference cables and was using these cables since they showed up.
Sometimes it is hard to imanage how already great sound could transform for better especialy when we talk about digital cables.

I have tested the latest creation of Pachanko - Aphelion SATA and boy it is awesome.
If you're not familiar with astronomy, Aphelion is the point in the elliptical orbit of a planet where it is farthest from the sun.
Imanage that you are the planet, the Sun is music and the orbit is your room. And it's good way to describe it.
This is the first quality that undeniably showing when I plug this cable in - The depth perspective. Never had in my system so much of it!
The sound with Aphelion becomes "liquid" like water but the tones are very natural. It just gives you more of this "realism" what we all are after for. Literally can't turn off the music...
Amazing achievement once again!"


Mancubus: " So I swaped my OS disk Reference Sata for Pure Reference Sata. 

Pure Reference Sata = pure bliss.

I tested it in 2 systems vs the Reference. Both systems showed the same more appealing sound signature. Better clarity, space, depth, details and air.  The Reference sata has darker presentation. 

Pachanko Pure Reference really is the  best sata cable in the world! No more no less... "



Fran White: " Hey Chan, what kind of Malagasy voodoo did you put in the Pachanko iteration lan cable??? Wow!

I have your dual headed usb-excellent. I have the original i2s/lan cable you did - very good/better than the one PPA it replaced. I have the pure reference SATA - superb and the most impressive gain of these 3 cables.

You convinced me to try the new iteration lan cable. I was reluctant because I need 2 and it is kind of expensive. I have the original PPA ethernet switch on a linear supply reclocking the audio signal between my control and audio pcs . These cables replace your original lan cable and a PPA lan cable on this line.

The new iteration lan cables just blew my mind. No cable has done what these 2 cables have done. The improvement is beyond anything I thought cables could possibly do. Extended dynamics, rich textured mids, increased presence and kick-ass bass. The music is more THERE and there's more of it. What is it, the four pairs of conductors in the cables lets more music through and you hear quadrophonic music or something???

A complete system upgrade......from 2 cables. I don't get it. I'll never understand this computer audio thing.......2 cables....complete system sound quality upgrade.....ridiculous 

(Philadelphia USA)


Fran White: " Once upon a time, I had the stock SATA cable on my OS drive of my audio pc. Then I replaced it with a PPA red SATA cable and discovered that SATA cables can make a difference. Last year I replaced the PPA cable with a Pachanko Reference SATA cable and was surprised that the PPA could be surpassed so decisively by another audiophile cable.

Today I installed the Pachanko Pure Reference SATA cable and was amazed that the sound quality was boosted even further. More depth, bass and texture. The music just has more body and presence. I expect it will open up some more in the next few weeks and sound even better. Very impressed by this superior sounding cable. Well worth the investment. Great job, Chan! "

(Philadelphia USA)


Audiotruth: " I thought I'd offer some early impression of my experience with the Pachanko speaker cable. I installed Chan's speaker cable in my system a few weeks ago. I have approximately 150 hours on them. Chan says they need around 500 hours. So consider this an early impression.

Chan’s speaker cable provides a fitfully weighty and rock solid clarity with space between instruments. Music sounds less Hi Fi-ish. Instead, music is presented with a crisp, clean and an uncanny delicate clarity, pinpoint imaging, wide soundstage, grip on the base with great base control and best of all, outstanding tonal accuracy. Since the speaker cable was inserted in my system, I’ve noticed a child like grin plastered on my face when listening to music and often when playing music files catch myself unexpectedly repeating the word ‘wow’. The speaker cable’s ability to turn music reproduction into an engaging and thrilling experience is stunning. I've not notice a downside to the cable.

I declare myself to be a ‘Pachankophile’ "



Lionel AMOUNIE: ""



Bernie:  "After the experiences with the first SATA cable (OS disk - SSD) I was curious and ordered a second SATA cable for the music SSD, plus a power cable - the Levitation 2, which, according to Chan from Pachanko, was made with audio PCs in mind. After plugging in both I had a few hard days, listening to a sound that was super (!!!) dynamic, nervous and - if I may say, un- suble, almost brutal. I though about discussing with Chan to take back the cables really. But I eventually waited for the first 100 hours, then 200 hours of burn- in. To make it short, I now absolutely love the sound. Patience is a virtue, and "burn- in" has never been so clear and necessary as in this case. I do not know where this effect comes from and I know that to many this sounds "snake- oilish", but I only believe my ears and it was more than obvious.


As I am not a gear tester I don't have enough patience to swap single cables against the default standard PC cables back and forth to isolate the effect of each single one, I just enjoy to listen to my whole audio setup, and this is by far the best digital sound I have heard out of my loundspeakers.


What I can do is to listen to files on my HDD (connected by a convetional SATA cable) and then to an identical file on my SSD (connected by the Pachanko reference). Yes there is a difference, but I have to say, the bigger one was by putting in the OS disk SATA cable and the power cable. Those 2 cables have done wonders to my sound, they clearly over- delivered relative to my expectations.


I meanwhile also added a HDPlex 100W linear power supply which feeds the HDPlex 250W DC to ATX power supply. All devices and cables have progressively improved my sound, resulting now in a very musical, 3D like, dynamic sound. Only half a year ago, being on Win 7 without AO, fidelizer and the hardware modifications, I hadn't been able to imagine how good my digital sound could become.


Having seen those improvements I couldn't resist and ordered custom made cables between my HD-Plex linear PSU and my PC components (24pin cable, cpu power, SATA SSD cable). This is currently the last bit that has still  default computer cables. All in all this has resulted in the most expensive computer I ever had, but having no CD player since years, and seen the pleasure I feel when listening to music I do not regret...


Once the additional computer cables have arrived I may report back. Oh, just in case that to some that sounds too good (to be realistic): I have no link of any kind to Pachanko (or HDPlex). I discovered those companies on this forum (and AO website) 3 or 4 months ago. Both the contact and service from Pachanko and HDPlex has been exceptional, they seem to really stand behind their products, and their service is extremely responsive. They really seem to care for their customers. In the past I also made this experience with other 1 man companies (I only bought HiFi products from those for the last 20 years), but only once with a big company (Carl Zeiss optics)."



Y.L : " Après 4 jours de rodage intensif, l'image est vraiment somptueuse, plus analogique. L'association est réellement très bonne entre le Recovery et les câbles Pachanko. Vraiment tout cela m'a apporté un gros plus à mon plaisir musical."



Peter Farley: ""



Siembida Gilles: "Bonjour, je vais bien et vos réalisations prennent place sur mon petit système.  A la "fin" du rodage, un réajustement des enceintes aura été nécessaire et maintenant, je commence à profiter. Après un peu plus de 100 heures, les rj45 évoluent encore un poil à chaque extrémité de la bande passante. Une impression que tout ce détend  et moins de sur brillance sur le haut médium. Ainsi, les aigus prennent leur place avec finesse. 
Les basses continuent a prendre un chouille de Corp et sont bien situées en bas (30 cm) dans le placement. Les voies sont pleines, mieux incarnées et bien détachées. La 3D gagne en profondeur et  largeur ainsi le placement scénique devient encore plus réel.



Jamie: "Hi Chan, your Reference SATA cables have been in my desktop PC for just a little over 180hrs now - very close to the recommended 200hr burn-in.From a technical perspective, they are functioning 100% - No glitches, Windows related problems, file transfer issues, or other...I have owned other "audio grade" SATA cables before in which I did have problems -- so two thumbs up here!.Audio playback wise.... What can I say? ... They are fantastic!Compared to the BitFenix Alchemy cables (slightly better than a stock SATA-3 cable with sleeving), the Reference cables sound more full with an excellent bass extension that goes both deep and at the same time translates nicely up into the mid-range. Upper mid-range performance is better defined, more clearly presented - better details, transparency / resolution.Trebletown is much the same.  Nice and airy (good extension), with a nice measure of detail / resolution and control.

The overall sound is really quite nicely balanced from top to bottom.  To the end that I would have to say that your Reference cable isn't a "LOOK AT ME" kind of product.

It seems to go about its job in a very natural sounding way - be it watching a movie or listening to music, the sound simply flows without any particular part of the frequency spectrum standing out.

Consider me a very satisfied customer :)"

(Canada USA)


Fran White: "I exchanged a few emails with Hiroyuki. Mostly thanking him for the incredible gift he has given us. I also mentioned to him the great friends I have made on this thread....and the impact he has had on me. I told him many of us, including me, will not abandon WS 2012, thus we can no longer use any future versions.

I planted the seed and I now I let it go...........we'll see.

If this is the last version then he has left us on very high ground with version 6.66 (mark of the beast). It is blossoming like a beautiful flower in my system.

6.66 is also getting help from 2 fantastic digital cables by Pachanko, a usb and a lan cable. They have clearly beaten my 2 PPA cables, which I still think highly of. The depth and clarity of this system is now stunning. Thanks Chan "

(Philadelphia USA)


Florent GALLI: ""


Dev: "I recently bought 3 of them - two for control (os + music drive) and one for audio. After replacing the stock yellow cables with Pachanko, the sound was more relaxed and stress free. The cables did cut down glares to some extent and songs with bad recording are more listenable now. Chan said that it takes 100hrs to burn in for which I am not there yet but the improvements are already very noticeable. I will report back after they are fully broken in. They are very well made as well. Also, on a personal note, Chan is a great guy to work with.

As just like with computer audio, Jplay/AO is a MUST, I feel that the Pachanko sata cable tweak further takes the CA to the next level.

My very high recommendation".

(California USA)


Leon Motta: "I replaced my B.M.C. PureUSB1 cable with the Pachanko USB "Absolution", and I can tell you that this Pachanko USB cable is a definite must have. The sound that this cable has produces is so outstanding that all the tracks I have played with the Pachanko USB cable in my system sounded like it was the first time hearing them, it was that dramatic.

Very highly recommended!!!"

(Florida USA)


Fran White: "These cables were competing with a very good Stereomatic "Goldilinks" special edition cable I was quite fond of. I connnected them between the ifi micro idsd and a Woo WA2 which serves as both headphone and preamp in my system. I found their construction be very pragmatic with the flexible "air dielectric" tube and very smart Neutrix profi connectors. These connectors give a very secure fit that you can be confident in.

I immediately noticed more tightly focused images and greater soundstage. In particular, instruments were more clearly separated from each other. There was also greater dynamic range, with beautiful clean transients. What I liked most was the vivid timbre and texture of instruments, whether it be percussion, guitars, violins or pianos, all beautifully rendered. I found vocals to be very natural and handled with both control and delicacy. If there was any shortcoming it would be in the bass, although it was tight and articulate, it lacked a bit of the depth and slam that would be optimal. Actually, I was able to remedy this with the Pachanko Revelation V2 power cord on the Woo, but that would be another review.

All in all, you would be hard presed to find a better RCA cable at this price point. It outperformed the more expensive "Goldilinks" cable in all metrics except bass."

(Philadelphia USA)


Fran White: "Hi Chan, I just put one of your sata cables on my control pc hard drive. The improved depth and dynamics were immediately noticeable. Awesome and easy tweak...........I love that! "

(Philadelphia USA)


Leon MOTTA: ""

(Florida USA)


Lionel AMOUNIE: ""



Massimiliano: "I finally bought a Lévitation Power Cord, with IEC connectors (male and female), to feed my Genesis Digital Lens using Clearaudio APG (Accurate Power Generator). I'm really happy with it . Noticed an immediate and significant improvement from the stock AC cord. The bass sounded tighter and better articulated, i.e. more integrated into the music. The mid and high ranges seemed to be much more natural, without any digital glare. The added depth and "airiness" were particularly noticeable, especially on female vocals. It's a really good  AC cable. Thanks again to Chan for his kindness and cooperation".


Berthilde BUCHNER: "Enfin un câble secteur qui me fait découvrir mon système. Le son est plus libéré et mieux posé. Je le recommande vivement.

Bravo au concepteur" 


Chafi MALLET: "Ces câbles sont d'un naturel et d'une transparence inouie! Un rapport qualité prix imbattable, à acheter les yeux fermées :)" 




Enrick PONAPIN: "Ouverture, tenue, son plus analogique... La dureté du son numérique à complètement disparue! Merci Pachanko!" 



TM: "Belle découverte pour ce câble secteur, écoute très vivante et homogène, parfois l'on se casse la tête a changer et dépenser beaucoup d'argent dans ce domaine. L'écouter c'est l'adopter et en plus pour un rapport qualité prix vraiment intéressant, moi je dis bravo!" 



Alix RIVIERE: "En qualité d'utilisateur , j'aimerai vous faire part de mon expérience concernant le cable secteur PACHANKO "REVELATION" , je l'ai branché sur ma barette secteur pour alimenter  mon  ampli à lampes .

 Mon ampli consomme beaucoup d'énergie ,  il est primordial que la  section soit  importante afin de lui apporter le  flux de courant dont il a besoin .  Au début le cable n'était pas rôdé , l'image sonore était restreinte puis aprés une cinquantaine d'heure environ la musique est devenue plus fluide , transparente agréable à écouter tout simplement . Ce cable secteur porte bien son nom révélation ." 



Josef PIRI/JPlay: "Chan was nice to send me his cables for test and similar to AudioPhil I decided to keep Revelation for amp and Levitation for PC. The improvement especially with PC compared to standard stock cable was a no-brainer.

I also tried Levitation with Auralic Vega DAC and while there was an improvement over 'standard' cord I still preferred Acrolink Mexcel which is not a surprise considering Acrolink's insane price – it may be though that Levitation has better synergy with different DACs as Acrolink does seem to have it's own sound so I tried it with Lampizator DAC and that seemed to be a better pairing.

Bottom line, like with anything in audio the best recommendation is to listen and decide for yourself – worst case scenario is that you have to pay for shipping the cable(s) back as Chan offers 100% money-back guarantee within the trial period. And like with anything power-related, if you live in a crowded city try to do your tests on Sunday if at all possible :)" 




Stéphane HOAREAU: "Got the revelation cable, and even if I'm in a "particular" configuration, ie all my components are behind a furman filter (mono blocks, dac, two pre amp, audio pc, tv), the benefit from the revelation as a source behind the furman was tight, but clear, mostly for me on the bass area, tighter bass.

No stage influence on my area, but that's very related to my room and setup sadly:)

Coming from the supra lo rad (which I use now on my gaming pc, not lost:) ), it was a good opportunity."



Audiophil/Highend-AudioPC: "I use Pachanko cables as well. I have one Pachanko Révélation for my main power distributor and three Pachanko Lévitation for my Mytek DAC, WooAudio WA2 and Sennheiser HDVA600. I was sceptic about the effect and if the money spent will be worth it, but once more in my journey i was proven wrong and all went out very well :)

Today I truly adore Pachanko cables in my system and don't want to miss them at all! I can only encourage everyone to give them a try, you won't be disappointed!"



Mathias LOMBARDO: “Perfect cable , the best for the cheapest price  ! Thank you for this 100% hand made cable .The quality of the sound is unbelievable , strong and very clear . I recommend everybody to discover this pachanko because it's better than others which are more  expensive for the same result or less like silent wire :x So try it and all of you will understand what i'm talking about ^^”








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